Episode 4: Wrap Stars

This week, I was joined by my friend and fellow speaker, Jason Goldberg (AKA JG).

We made a post-Thanksgiving wrap and a seasonal smoothie.



  1. Kathleen Armond

    I love your show!!!!

  2. Lori Case

    So far I have seen you use your mixer several times and I just love watching it make you laugh. That is some funny stuff.

    Helpful Pointer: hold the mixer level with the bowl to keep contents from flying out.

    I love your show and seeing you on Facebook is one of the highlights of my day. Thank you for putting a smile on my face.

  3. Victoria Guerra

    You’re amazing!! I’m from Brazil, I’m sixteen, and you helped me so much, seriously, you’re my inspiration, please continues to do what you does, you have no idea how this help me and it sure helps a lot of people out there. I’m a big fan of yours!!

  4. Shari Lynn

    Chef Sean and Jason Goldberg, your wives deserve medals! lol Seriously though, on the incredible weight loss Jason, awesome! After Sean wielded ‘Wild Blue’ and Jason got spritzed, lol, all he needed was to be wrapped!

    Thirteen years ago I had a hectic but great life. That is until, while working as a Charge Nurse in a retirement home I contracted pneumonia. It blossomed into double pneumonia that also spread around my heart. Nine weeks and three different antibiotics later I began the shaky road back to recovery. With a weakened immune system, I became a victim a year later in 2004 to both SARS and Influenza ‘A’. When I was cleared by the local health unit, I attempted to return to work. Approximately forty-five minutes into my shift, staff found me collapsed and unconscious just inside the med room door. I was going to prepare the resident’s pre-supper meds.
    That was the end of work, raising sheep, boarding racehorses, and a whole lot more. It also led to the introduction of life in a wheelchair, the end of my marriage, friends and family drifting away, and much more. From that time on, my health has been on a steady downhill decline. At fifty-five years old, with at least fifteen different health challenges, and living in daily chronic pain, I am trying my level best to remain as independent as possible. I’ve lost 166 pounds. I like to say I lost my twin sister. Now I am working on losing the ‘other’ weight, so thank you for showing me that positive growth IS possible. The more I watch your videos Sean, the more empowered I feel.

    Great show! Wonderful laughs, yummy recipes, and awesome info! You just keep getting better!

  5. Michele Dellapenta

    You need to have a contest to name your blue mixer!!! Love the 3FootChef!!

  6. Kimberly Rivera

    Thoroughly enjoyed this! Thank you 🙂

    • Chef Sean

      Thanks for watching. Keep coming back for future episodes. 🙂

  7. Eric Early


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