Episode 3: Little Monsters

This week, I had surprise little monsters stop by to cook with me.  We make delicious pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and bison chili. We had tons of fun laughing, dancing, and getting messy.

Host:  Sean Stephenson
Guest:  Winston Ninja Kniss
Guest:  Liviana Dancer Cameron
Clean up:  Crystal Palermo
Director: Sean Stephenson
Editor:  Sean Stephenson
Producer:  Sean Stephenson
Executive Producer:  Mindie Kniss

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  1. Danny Devereaux

    Just discovered Sean from a reddit post:
    I LOVE this guy!! You rock Sean!

  2. Paddy

    your videos are a delight

  3. Shari Lynn

    Chef’s Sean, Winston and Liviana,

    Fantastic show. You all did an incredible job! Those were wild looking cookies but I bet they were scrumptious! The dance party ROCKED!!!!!!! lol I’ve never had bison meat but I learned a few truly interesting things from this show. Thanks!!!

  4. Agusdelina

    This was fun! I hope you have holiday specials coming!

    • Chef Sean

      We released a post-thanksgiving episode, and just today posted a holiday special. 🙂

  5. joel weldon

    WOW! These videos are so-o-o educational! Sean teaches you “how-to timeless truths” such as:
    1. Don’t take yourself too seriously
    2. Humor is energizing
    3. Cooking isn’t only for your wife
    4. The power of a video
    5. The wonderful benefits you can have when you allow Sean into your life.
    A THRILLED fan!

    • Chef Sean

      Thanks for the kind words. You could summarize in your sleep, my friend. 🙂 Love it and love you.

  6. Marcus

    Sean, Keep up the great work with this series. i would love to see more! Brings joy to my day 🙂 thanks

  7. Robert Lalik

    Had fun watching y’all make some awesome munchies. I’m definitely gonna make those cookies soon and maybe add some nuts since I don’t have a dancer and ninjas handy.

  8. Tom Duban

    Thank You Sean for taking the time to entertain, share some love and demonstrate your confidence with self respect. I’ve enjoyed your previous shows and look forward to what you’ve got up your sleeve. Your laugh is infectious! THANK YOU!

  9. donna

    Love 3foot chef wanted to tell you all purpose flour is hood for all things that use flour. Then there is self rising flour and bread flour. THSNKS FOR THE LAUGHS

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