Episode 2: Italian Feast

This week, I learn how to cook an authentic Italian meal from my friend, Crystal Palermo.  We make a delicious entree of pork tenderloin and peppers, plus brownie biscotti for dessert.

buon appetito

Host:  Sean Stephenson
Guest:  Crystal Palermo
Camera 1:  Scott Chaffee
Camera 2:  Scott Chaffee
Camera 3:  Scott Chaffee
Camera 4:  Scott Chaffee
Editor: Sean Stephenson
Director:  Sean Stephenson
Producer:  Sean Stephenson
Executive Producer:  Mindie Kniss
Food Critic: Mindie Kniss

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  1. Satya

    Me and my 5 years old son espetially love you and watch you from Poland.
    Waiting for much more episodes…
    My dearest son Samuel would be great on the show with you one day.

    Greetings from Poland
    Satya and Sammy

  2. Heather

    I always wanted to surprise my husband with biscotti… but most of the recipes that I had contained ingredients that I couldn’t eat. This one is perfect.

  3. Vivian Thomas

    Great show! Sean you made me crack up laughing. I love your show. I’m going to try to do the recipe. Never had eat spaghetti squash. It seems delicious. Keep up the good work.

  4. Shari Lynn

    *laughing so hard tears are rolling, my face hurts & my ribs are aching*
    Butter in Italian is ‘burro’. Emphasis is on the first syllable and really roll those ‘r’s. As for the chocolate clouds (cocoa dust – lol) you are inhaling, all I can think of is little kids and chocolate boogers. You should always crack your eggs in another bowl, just in case there might be pieces of shell. ROFL I think hand mixers make you power mad.

  5. Nicole

    Hello Chef Sean!
    I have been so excited and anxious to watch your cooking videos! I have tried several times to watch them and for some reason they never work for me….? Any idea how I can watch them. GOD BLESS <3

    • Chef Sean

      Make sure and check out the newest episode, came out today, “Episode 3: Little Monsters.” Go here: CLICK HERE

  6. Kristal

    I never laughed so hard as I did in this episode. You was just to cute! Like a little child in a candy store, behaved like one too. But all jokes a side you did an amazing job, you learned something new and had a few laughs along the way. Keep up the good work and can’t wait until next week!

  7. Jennifer

    Hey Sean! It would be awesome if the recipes for these meals/desserts were posted on your page!

  8. cher

    Keep cooking with confidence, Sean! I could almost smell the aroma of the dish. Now I know how to make Biscotti. Thanks for the lesson and the “lesson”.
    till the next time……

  9. Carli

    Hey Sean – great episode! Crystal really knows her stuff, but she definitely was the “straight man” to the 3-Foot-Chef. Here is a suggestion: when it comes to using a mixer I would make you look like a professional. My life changed when I finally bought a stand mixer. I don’t have to hold it or guide it; just add ingredients and scrape the bowl occasionally. Anyway, thanks for the cooking lessons and a great laugh!

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