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Episode 1: Chocolate Explosion


  1. Esmeralda

    Sean love watching all your cooking videos, not only you teach me how to cook, you bring a smile on my face and laughter as well! Keep up the great work! please make more cooking videos I enjoy them each and everyone thank you !

  2. Robin Kaufmann

    Hello Sean

    I really enjoy watching some videos of you in the morning, always guarantees me a good day.

    But i like to give you a hint about the swiss chard, because i live in switzerland. We use like you for smoothies and mostly for patato gratin (yes it comes well if you mix patatoes with chard for gratin). But the most, lets say “swissish”, use of it is for capuns, a speciality of one of our cantons (like states in the us).
    If you want to know more check the wiki file (every other information about capuns is in german ^^)

    Thanks for letting us have glimps of your life

    Greetings from Switzerland

  3. Alisia melendez

    I love the show u made me smile and laugh on a day that I was depressed. Looking forward to more videos

  4. Viviana Chaboudy

    Que risa! This made me laugh in a day I needed it. Thanks so much

  5. Vivian Thomas

    Sean, you are an amazing, loving and inspiring person. I saw you for first time today on the post of March 25 2016 on FaceBook, (that my cousin share it). You catch my attention immediately. I have a grandaugther that has a similar health condition. “Her expectations of life is 12 years old”, that’s what the doctors said, but they were wrong. She is a 3 foot fighter. She had pass thru though moments. She is going to be 13 on next Halloween. She also is very creative, funny, gifted, with a beautiful voice and a very mature for her age. Since she was born I knew she was very special.
    Seeing you today has make me have faith that she will grow older. I really believe it. You have lifted up my spirit, and made me laugh again. Keep up your work and loving us all. I love you for who you are and your wife for sharing you with all of us in your kitchen.
    May the Lord bless you always.

    PS I did the shake, and added more fruits.


  6. Shari Lynn

    Chef Sean,

    I love you! lol You are an absolute riot! Ok – just a super easy tip from an older farm girl from Ontario Canada, about removing those random little pieces of egg shell! Use the emptied half egg shell and just use it to scoop the little piece out. Strangely enough, the shell acts like a magnet and the shell piece will stick to the other piece of shell. No finger mess!

    Also – I always grew Swiss Chard in my garden. Chard is pronounced with a hard CH sound like ‘chunk’.

    Love you and Mindie bunches <3

  7. Ines

    Sean you are an inspiration! Luv ya! Keep it up 🙂

  8. Robert

    It was great Sean! Had a lot of fun watching this. You made me laugh so hard.

  9. Gail

    Sean, I thoroughly enjoyed your humor and enthusiasm on your cooking show. Get yourself some magnetic measuring spoons. They are like the magnetic cups that you liked so much. I find the magnetic spoons so much easier to use because you don’t have all the other spoons dangling when you use one spoon. To get a piece of an egg shell out, use one of the half pieces of the broken shell. The little piece will easily cling to the larger piece of egg shell as you scoop it out. Keep up the good work!

    • Chef Sean

      Thanks for the good culinary insights, my friend. 🙂 I shall keep an eye out for magnet spoons.

  10. Mike Watts

    Best quote ever, “I went to kale university and got a degree in awesome.”

    Sean, loved this so much.

    • Chef Sean

      Thanks Mike. 🙂 Please keep watching and commenting. Heck, tell your friends. We need to get this program out there in the world. I can’t do it alone.

  11. Alvin Black

    Really entertaining first episode Sean! Will totally be watching every episode. ☺️

  12. Scottie Stamper

    Realism in the Kitchen
    Simply put, you rock.

    Food Network and Cooking channel eat your hearts out 🙂

  13. Jonathan

    I was watching a Facebook video of yours. I save your page, and sharing it on my page. I really enjoy watching you my brother. Always remember you do really encourage a lot of people.

    • Chef Sean

      Thanks Jonathan. I’m so appreciative when people share my work with their community. Have you seen Episode 2 or Episode 3 yet? They were fun to Produce.

  14. Brian Ferguson

    Your laugh is truly infectious! I laughed til I cried when you started cracking yourself up with the mixer. 🙂

    • Collin Sims

      You are such an Inspiration to me I love what you do I have been following you for sometime now and you inspire me to be a better person I am also an hip hop artist I would love the chance to be on one of your shows i am an awsome cook

      Truly yours
      Collin aka Collione

  15. Neeta

    Great episode Sean, actually I watched the other video first and came here.

    Great quality video and overall very much enjoyable here. I promise to be regular follower of this show now 🙂

  16. Simon Smart

    Hey brother,

    My wife Michelle are sitting here dying with laughter watching you with the mixer…love ya man.


  17. Erika

    Sean your so ambitious and I love this about u!! So what if there were a few bumps in the road u did amazing my friend!!! You never cease to amazing keep cooking and as long as u don’t burn down the kitchen ur good to go!!!

  18. Steve

    Awesome, Sean! I can relate to kitchen awkwardness. Loved the hand mixer–your laughter is contagious!

  19. Trisha Taylor

    I to have type 3 OI. Loved this episode. Laughed my butt off! One tip as I too love to cook is to get a kitchenaid stand mixer. I struggle with the hand mixers too.

    • Erika

      Couldn’t agree more about the stand mixer, I too feel like the hand mixer is gonna run away on me!!

  20. Lewis

    OMG. I had so much fun watching you Sean. I loved watching you with the mixer. Thanks for spreading joy to the world. Love you brother.

  21. Dayna

    Woo-hoo! Sean that was great! You had me laughing so much people came from the other room to see what I was watching – then we all enjoyed the show! Keep it up – love the dance party in there – looking forward to more episodes!

  22. Alex

    Holy shizzle! ROTFLMAO my friend. Looking forward to seeing how this thing evolves as the episodes roll out.

    And btw… knife point to remove the piece of shell from the eggs 🙂

  23. Kristal

    Sean I follow you on Facebook and when I heard you mentioning this I was quick to come watch. I laughed so hard because your facial expressions are out of this world! I can’t wait to see more and hopefully catch you and M on yall’s midnight snack live streams!

  24. Michelle

    I loved it! It’s hard for me to put myself in your position because I have been baking for a very long time. I am by no means professional. But when I would see a mistake or error, I screamed out loud. I was freaking out my dogs!! They kept running to me, like what’s wrong? Lol. So much fun Sean! Can’t wait to see more of the 3FootChef!

  25. Kimmy Moore

    I just so enjoyed that and I am really lookin’ forward to future episodes! I was tickled that you mentioned me in your live feed tonite, too! When life gets me down, I just watch your videos and dance with you til Jesus answers my prayers and makes things all better. Best wishes to you and your lovely wife from Hickory, NC!

  26. Leslie Fair

    Sean, I found this video through my good friend from college, Jason Goldberg. I played this video while simultaneously working on my computer, and it made my work day so much better!! When you would start to shake trying hard to keep a laugh from coming out, I began doing the same thing and actually had tears at one point trying not to laugh out loud. This was very inspirational. The times you looked like you were struggling, I actually told my computer screen, “You got this! You can do it!” and you did! Your sense of humor was spot on. I loved your honesty about how the final products tasted (“might need some honey if you are giving this to kids” was perfect). All in all, I really hope you make more episodes because it not only reminded me how much I love to cook, but kept me entertained through an otherwise dull work day. Thank you <3

  27. Matt

    You da man… cant wait for the next ep…

  28. Robert McNeil

    Wow you really make cooking fun…I have never laughed so much. Thank you Sean for all that you do, I’m already looking forward to your next episode. 😎

  29. Krystan

    I really like the way you cook and you have a great sense of humour. Keep cooking


  30. Christa

    I have learned cooking at school, but I couldn’t have made it any better than you. While you worked for the chocolate thingies, I stopped the video for a moment and got myself some chocolate. I am curious what you will be cooking in your next show.
    I always enjoy your videos. Thank you!

  31. Lauren Selman

    Hey Sean – I do weekly food nights with my friends and I am 100% sharing this with them. Let me know if you ever want to do a 3 Foot Chef Dinner Party 🙂

    I love that my sister (Susan Lehy) introduced me to your fabulousness 🙂 I am loving following your adventures.


  32. Monica

    OMG- Tears of pure joy! You are so adorable! Great job with your show!

  33. Ashley Petersen


    This made my night cuz! I laughed, I had fun and you are just such a joy to watch. I will be sharing this video and am excited to see what comes next. Dance on and Chef on gorgeous!
    PS using a bigger piece of eggshell helps get out eggshell in any baking mix

  34. Richard

    Sean I am laughing and loving you so much right now. You earthquake like eruptions of laughter undid me. Have a beautiful day and keep creating.

  35. Misty

    Hi Sean! I absolutely loved your show and I look forward to seeing more! I wanted to give you a tip on how to remove egg shell bits.. When you crack open an egg, you wind up with two halves of the shell. Use one of those halves to scoop out any egg shell bits! Works every time! You did an excellent job and I can’t wait to see more! ❤️

  36. John

    Thanks Sean,

    I love the show. You are an inspiration to all. You help us realize that messing up doesn’t have to be a tragedy, life is more enjoyable when you can laugh at yourself. Keep them coming brother.

  37. David Espejo

    Oh Sean, you and that blender! Hilarious!!

  38. Andy Fry

    Hi Sean, I was really looking forward to 3 foot chef starting and it was just awesome. What a pro and you even managed to incorporate the patented dance party in there too. Great episode, lots of fun to watch Sean, can’t wait for the next one! 🙂

  39. dorothy ramirez

    omgosh sean, you had me cracking up! you are tooo much! i loved the show and next time u get a egg shell i something just wet your finger and you will get it right away! god bless u my friend and keep it up cuz you are just what the doctor ordered hahah

  40. CeeCee

    Thanks so much to you and Mindi for sharing this fun video! Keep on “cheffing on”. 🙂

  41. Jon


    I first saw you on a facebook video that was being shared of you working out. Since then ive checked out a lot of your videos on youtube and have been super inspired by your messages. I think this show is a great idea, it has an online hang out type feel and helps the rest of us see that we dont have to be “perfectly rehearsed” to get in front of the camera… We just have to have a good time! Thanks for being you man! Great episode

  42. Nyah Watson

    Chef Sean, It brought me great joy to watch episode 1 of your new cooking show. Thanks for the great tips for smoothies. I have never thought to add cashews to any of it but, boy, do I love kale. Also, the comedy aspect of the whole thing was very enjoyable. I really loved your dance breaks as well. Keep up the good work and keep bringing the funny and laughs as well. Can’t wait to see more. ❤

  43. Teresa

    Sean, that was awesome.

    It’s amazing what we women take for granted, coming from an experienced cupcake maker 🙂 You did amazing and definitely made me giggle right along with the challenges. You have such an delightful attitude. Looking forward to your future espisodes. 🙂


  44. Nathaniel

    Great video Sean! Looking forward to more laughs and videos, you’re an amazing inspiration.

  45. Cynde

    For your first time making cupcakes you did an awesome job! I’m so proud of you! The smoothie looked great too! The more you cook, the easier it will become, you did great!

  46. Jose

    I had a blast watching!!! So funny! Thank you! Do more healthy recipes like healthy soup!

  47. Kevin light

    Sean I laughed so hard, I definitely needed it. Your so comical with the things you say. The comment about the butter. Lol oh man I laughed so hard. Looking forward to the next episode!

  48. Adelle

    PS: I’ve been thinking about trying the JJ shakes!

  49. Adelle

    I loved watching this. So enjoyable. Thank you 🙂

  50. Becky

    I love this. I think all cooking shows should be like this. I enjoyed it. I will be sharing it.

  51. David Hamilton

    Hi Sean, I just enjoyed watching your videos and wanted to say congratulations on an awesome and fun cooking lesson idea.

    Any eggshell in the mix I usually use a spoon to guide it to edge of bowl and scoop out.

    If your going to be baking a lot perhaps a full size food mixer would be better than the hand held – it offers a sturdier and easier way to both mix and add ingredients in at same time.

    Looking forward to next episode. Take care for now and have a great week – David

    • Chef Sean

      Eventually I will get a stationary mixer, but that add so much comedy to the mix. 🙂 Keep watching and I look forward to your future suggestions.

  52. Rich

    Awesome! I have been thinking about doing a YT cooking show to get off my butt and learn how to cook. I’m looking forward to seeing more of these. Cheers! I love the logo BTW.

    – Rich

    • Chef Sean

      The world can always use more fun cooking shows. 🙂 Here’s to you creating your show, Rich.

  53. Monica Jandrt

    This was amazing!You really keep things real.I seriously laughed so hard at some of the things you said that my head hurts! Keep it real and keep the episodes coming!I can’t WAIT for more!!

    • Chef Sean

      Laughing is good medicine for the soul, just go easy on your head. 🙂

      I look forward to your future comments.

  54. PJ Tanis

    Awesome Job ! I was laughing so hard!
    Thanks for making my night !

    Maybe you could use a funny helper ?



    • Chef Sean

      PJ you are right, I need a helper. 🙂 That’s why I am having guests on the show in the future. Keep watching, my friend.

      • Pj

        I won’t miss a show. You make my week

  55. Jennifer

    I enjoyed watching you cook Sean! Looking forward to more!

    • Chef Sean

      Thanks, Jennifer, for supporting the show! 🙂 Stay tuned for more fun.

      • Kapil

        Dear Sean, you are simply amazing, I am myself very passionate about cooking and i agree with your statement , when i am in Kitchen, i work with complete freedom, and that applies in our lives, we need to enjoy and work with complete freedom.

        YOU ARE SIMPLY ” WOW “

        • Chef Sean

          Yes, the kitchen is the perfect life metaphor. Thanks for calling me “WOW,” my friend. 🙂 Stay tuned for more episodes.

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